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Stay tuned for our upcoming ShichonPoo litter in June and
our YorkiPoo litter in August.

Welcome to CMooreCutePuppies!

CMooreCutePuppies is a small family-owned business created to help others find just the right puppy for their families. I have loved dogs all my life and can't imagine my home without a sweet, playful, loving dog.

Five years ago my uncle, Terry Moore, owner of ABAKennels, asked me to come work with him following the passing of his beloved wife, Judy.  I had a degree in Animal Science from N. C. State University, but had been working with computers for many years.  I grew up on a farm caring for lots of livestock and pets and had grown tired of being cooped up in an office all day.  It was an easy decision to join Terry in the puppy business.  Even though he and I were uncle and nephew, we were the same age and thought of each other as brothers.  It was so good to spend time with him and work with animals once again.

Terry taught me so much about how to run a dog breeding kennel. During these past four years I have administered vaccinations, medications, and wormers, assisted with breeding adult dogs, assisted with puppy births, and of course helped feed, groom, exercise, and socialize all of the dogs and puppies at ABAKennels.

Sadly we unexpectedly lost Terry in January of 2013 following heart surgery.  After his kennel closed, I had to decide whether to go back into computer work or start a breeding business of my own.  Once again it was an easy decision to choose to work with dogs over computers!  Terry's family graciously gave me most of his best parent dogs to help me start my own kennel.  I have been working hard to build a breeding business that produces healthy, happy, playful, and loving pets.  I would love to help you find just the right puppy to add to your family!


Chris Moore